“APBA” it’s in the Game!

APBA Football provides one of the most realistic football board game experiences that I have ever found. I used to be a die-hard Statis Pro Football player until I took the plunge into APBA, have never looked back. The cards that represent the players feel and look fantastic and the statistical results are amazing. At first glance, setting-up the game may appear daunting but once you understand the concept, it goes pretty quick, and with all the excel spread sheets out there to help, it really doesn’t take to long. Personally I enjoy this part, it allows the gamer to become knowledgeable of a players role on his team, which adds a layer of fun and historical value to your game or replay in my opinion.

Once you start rolling the dice, referencing the player cards and looking up the results on the boards, the game begins to draw you right down on the gridiron. Oguard62 AKA Greg Barth said it best: “APBA is a game that takes place in the mind” you can visualize the action as the results unfold.

It takes me about 2 hours to complete a game, which I do over 2 or 3 days, usually playing a half or quarter at a time, mostly because I enjoy writing about whats happening during the game, play by play. I like to go back and read what happened during the game and I hope others will get a kick out of reading what took place as well. If I just play a game without writing, it takes me a little over an hour to play. My replays are based on the “What If” scenario. I’m not trying to match statistics for each player exactly as they had during the season. I do try and keep it somewhat within reason but it is not my main focus. This style of play is just more enjoyable for me.

I use the Master Game version with all the options to add more realism. Greg’s web site Oguard62 has a ton of information on playing APBA Football. From starting with the basic game, which is what i did, to all the bells and whistles. Greg’s replays are extremely detailed and he does an enormous amount prep work to accomplish them, go take a look at his great site you wont regret it.

For stat tracking I use Pro Football Helper which was created by Tom Milne. The program is free and it does an amazing job! Go to my download page if you want to grab it.

Hope this little write up gives a little insight to the game and why so many around the world play it.


  1. Do you by any chance use the Auto Football Boards or Auto Locator programs in your replay? I am having the darndest time understanding how to use them. Just thought I’d ask. Really enjoy the site and thanks for the help in the past as well.

  2. You mentioned a Spreadsheet helper. Is there one for the Master game? I’d be interested in getting back into APBA football (haven’t played since late 1970’s), but I’d prefer to have something that helps automate as much of the process as possible.
    If you happen to know of any, can you forward me the information?


  3. I also use pro football helper but I’m freezes whenever the ball carrier is tackled for a safety. I do not have Tom Milnes contact information. Any suggestions?

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