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  1. Kenny,

    If your looking for where to buy APBA football, go to: apbagames.com
    This is their main website and has all the in formation on the game and it also has a link to their online ordering located on the Shop link. Start with the basic game and then later you can add the Master rules version, its worth the effort. If you need more help let me know.

  2. Great site. Question on your 66 replay. How do you designate sacks as I don’t believe sack stat was around until late 70’s? My APBA cards don’t have sack ratings. Started a 74 replay and curious to see how to handle. Thanks for the videos re: pro football helper as well. Really helped me get going. Got me back into APBA football after a 20 year layoff!

  3. Jeff,

    Thank you very much and I’m glad you are enjoying the replay. To answer your question on designating sacks, I use the locator chart in the Master Game booklet for this. I just track sacks for the fun of it and Pro Football Helper makes this easy. Glad to see your back in the game, I just love the feel of the game and how it flows and the results are very realistic as well. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Have Fun!

    1. Appreciate the info. Don’t cards need a QS rating for sack locator? My 74 replay cards don’t have that I believe.

  4. Have another question re: Pro Football Helper. League standings are showing up but division standings are not. In league standings divisions are shown but no broken up by division. Division stats in game report is blank. Any ideas? I am only on game 6 of week 1.

  5. Take a look at your Division Standings inside the replay folder an see what’s on the file.
    You will find this file by opening up your main PFH folder >Season Stats – Replay >Open the folder of your replay mine says “1966 Season” >Find the (XXXX_Season – Division Standings) text file an open it to see if there is anything on it.

    1. Only thing in it is this:


      I have stats for everything else. Is it something I did when I set up league? I noticed Divisions Names folder is empty. But I know when I go to league standings it shows division names. But Division Standings is blank.

      1. Jeff,

        It sounds like the problem lies with your Division Names.txt file. This file has to include the names of your divisions. If I read your message correctly, you are saying this file is blank and contains no text.

        Your have to enter the division names exactly as you have them in lines 5 and 6 of the Team Text files. For instance, for the 1969 Atlanta Falcons, line 5 of their Team Text file reads: NFL and line 6 reads: Coastal

        So one of the Divisions in the Division Names.txt file would have to read: NFL Coastal

        Enter all other Division Names in the exact same manner … and your Division Standings should now appear. It does not matter which order the Division Names are entered.


    1. i entered info as you suggested and it works now. Maybe i did something wrong when i set up league. Thanks for all the help!

  6. I have another question. Just watched your PFH pt 3 video. How do you set up your roster sheets in excel? I’m a newbie when it comes to excel. But looks like it would be a help to be able to refer to this during a game. Thanks again for your help.

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