Sunday Sept. 25th, 1-1 Cardinals @ 1-1 Browns

The 1-1 Cleveland Browns will host the 1-1 St. Louis Cardinals, this one turned out to be an ugly battle on the gridiron. The Red Birds first series will start on their own 4 yard line after a muffed kickoff return by Roy Shivers. Cleveland defense trapped Johnny Roland in the end zone for the games first points. The Browns drove down the field using their running game but had to settle for a field goal after a great goal line stand by St. Louis. Browns 5, Cardinals 0 with 8:57 to go in the 1st. Frank Ryan took his Browns deep into enemy territory only settle for a field goal again. At the end of one, its Cleveland 8, St. Louis 0.

With 12:12 to play the Cardinals blocked a punt and recovered it on the Cleveland 19, big break for the Cards. Charley Johnson fumbled the football on a 3rd down pass attempt but he managed to recover his fumble, Jackie Smith in for the 4th down field goal attempt from 19 yards, missed it! At the half its Cleveland 11, St. Louis 0

Early in the 3rd quarter Charley Johnson found Jackie Smith down the sideline for a 49 yard strike, the extra point was missed. Cards 6, Browns 11. Frank Ryan’s pass was tipped at the line of scrimmage, which was the St. Louis 8, and it was picked off by right defensive end Don Brumm. Another gold opportunity lost for Cleveland. After a big punt return by Leroy Kelly setting the Browns up deep into Cardinal territory, Frank Ryan flip a screen pass out to Kelly and he went the distance for the score. With 4:07 remaining in the 3rd Cleveland has increased their lead to 18 to 6. Cardinals strike quickly, Johnson found Bobby Joe Conrad all alone down the middle for six points. 13 to 18 Browns still holding on to their lead. The final play of the 3rd period was another big passing play for St. Louis, 31 yards to Jackie Smith. The 4th and final quarter will start with the Cardinals at the 30 yard line of Cleveland.

St. Louis picked up three more points with another nice drive by Johnson throwing the football, Cardinals run game has shutdown this afternoon. With the score Cardinals 16 Browns 18 and under five minutes to play the Red Birds were on the march again but fumbled the football and the Browns recovered it at their 37. Cleveland is looking to run the clock out. Frank Ryan snapped a pass out to WR Gary Collins, perfect pass and completion. Collins turned to run and was clobbered causing a fumble; Cardinals have it at the 36 of Cleveland with 3:09 to play and all their timeouts. The crowd is on their feet as this nail bitter is drawing to a close with their home team in a desperate situation. Quick trap inside to Willis Crenshaw, stuffed for a 2 yard loss. Second down pass attempt by Johnson ends in an 11 yard sack, now the Red Birds are facing a 3rd 23. That sack may have saved the game for the Browns; it pushed them out of field goal range. Johnson hits Billy Gambrell for 9 yards, well short of the sticks. St. Louis has a decision on 4th and 14, go for it or try the 47 yard field goal attempt; neither option is looking to promising. After looking over the kicker’s card the Cardinals will have to go for it. Johnson fired long for the endzone and Jackie Smith came down with! Touchdown Cardinals (rolled a 66). 23 to 18 Cards and with just 1:45 to play the Browns have a big mountain to climb. Frank Ryan moved the Browns out near midfield, fired long to Gary Collins near the far sideline, he bobbled the ball but hung for a 56 yard game winning touchdown pass (another 66 rolled). With just 24 seconds to play the Browns pulled off the miracle. St. Louis goes down slinging with incompletion and the Browns get win number on the season.

Actual Score: St. Louis 34 at Cleveland 28
APBA Replay Score:
St. Louis 23 at Cleveland 25

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