Sunday Sept. 25th, 1-1 Falcons @ 0-1-1 Lions

Defensive back Dick LeBeau celebrating the Lions first win of the season

The only real action in the first quarter was a nifty run by Amos Marsh for a 20 yard touchdown giving the home crowd a thrill. Detroit is up on the fledgling Falcons 7-0 at the end of quarter one.

Atlanta has had opportunities but like a true expansion franchise, they keep miss firing at the most unfortunate times. The Falcons had a few chances to tie the game up but just got in their own way. Detroit faced 4th and one in Falcons territory midway through the second period. They elected to go for it with Amos Marsh and he picked up 8. Detroit stalled out near the Falcons 11 and sent in their kicker. At the half its Detroit 10 Atlanta 0.

The second half turned out to be a defensive struggle with neither team scoring until late in the 4th quarter the Lions kick another field goal. Detroit shutouts the Falcons 13-0 giving them their first win of the season.

Actual Score: Atlanta 10 at Detroit 28
APBA Replay Score: Atlanta 0 at Detroit

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