Master Game Option Cards

I created these Master Game Option Cards a few years ago for FTF games or solitaire play. I sent a set to APBA last year to see if they would like to sell them, but it does not look like they will be offering them through the company as I was told it was ok to share them here on the forum.

The cards are basically the Master Game Options pulled from the rule book and placed into card format for quick reference and you can lay them down with your play call during a game.
For example: Master Game Defense Option, Goal Line: all rules for this option are on the card, no need to look anything up. The cards will print out to the exact size of the player cards and I have included a back of the card image as well so once they are printed, they look and feel just like the APBA player cards. I sent mine to a printer and had them printed on actual playing card stock and they turned out great.

I really wanted to bring all the Master Game Options into my solitaire replay games so this was a big motivation for me to create them. I also use the APBA defensive play calling cards sold on the APBA website and this is how I handle my game play with these cards:

  • I combined 4 sets of my Defensive Master Game Option Cards and shuffle them and place them in front of me, this will be enough cards to make it through one game. I do not include the offensive option cards of course, just the defensive cards.
  • I then roll one 20-sided dice and one black 6-sided dice during my normal game rolls.
  • If I roll a 1 or 20 on the 20-sided dice, then I use the index called for on the APBA defensive play calling cards. So, if a team has an A index and the defense play calling card calls for them to be in C index then that is what I will use for that play only, I look at it as the team did not execute the play well. The defensive cards can also raise a team as well to a higher index and of course then I look at as the team executed the play to perfection.
  • The black 6-sided dice is used for drawing my Master Game Option Cards, if a 1 or 6 is rolled then I will draw a card, if the card is applicable then all use it.
    For example:
    *3rd and whatever and I draw a Blitz card then I apply the blitz rules to the play results.
    *If I draw a goal line card and its 3rd and 10, then I will just disregard the card and resolve the play normally.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate in contacting me.

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