Pro Football Helper v5.0.5

Tom Milne is the creator of Pro Football Helper, the best FREE! statistical tracker for single games or full season replays.

20 OCT 18 – Revision 5.0.5 Released

20 OCT 18 – A BOXSCORE AND SETTINGS feature was added – See Section PP) of the Program Notes file for additional details.

20 OCT 18 – A PDF DOCUMENTS feature was added – See Section QQ) of the Program Notes file for additional details.

2O OCT 18 – A WEB BROWSER was added – See Section RR) of the Program Notes file for additional details.

20 OCT 18 – A Dice Roller for SOLITAIRE PRO FOOTBALL was added – See Section S) of the Program Notes file for additional details.

20 OCT 18 – A Utility to set the DICE ROLL DURATION for all four of the available Dice Rollers was added. See Section S).

20 OCT 18 – A MARQUEE was added to the scoreboard. See Section SS) of the Program Notes file for additional details.

20 OCT 18 – The Program Notes file is now accessible from the UTILITIES menu (I should have done this a long time ago).

20 OCT 18 – A ‘READ ME’ file has been added to the Full Installation download and the Update download of the PFH. After downloading either setup, ensure you read this file before you conduct the Full Installation or the Update.

Tom Milne’s Team Roster files for every season.

I created three tutorial videos if your interested in seeing how the program works and proper setup on your PC.


  1. that is great stuff. Haven’t play APBA since mid 70’s, when my geek friend created a computer program called ACCY STAT to collect game stats and print outs of our face to face games. We created score sheets and primitive systems to get him the info. I guess he would go back to his computer class and enter everything in and bring back the results. Unfortunately, the game, the cards, the boards the stat books and all were all given away many years ago when we were cleaning out the garage, We have a great time for several years before and after ACCYSTAT was created. Really impressed with your program. I’m sure it was a labor of love, but nonetheless, a ton of work. Have been reading about APBA lately and Oguard62 brought me to this blog.

    1. Hi Joel I copy and paste the 2016 season but when I go to set up the game it don’t show up on the directory can you help thanks

      1. Juan,

        Go to the videos I have posted and watch them, they will explain how to get things setup correctly. Let me know if you need help after watching them.


  2. Hey Joel, nice to hear the stories of people enjoy APBA, sounds like that was a lot of work indeed! Oguards site is awesome and full of great information. Tom Milne is the creator of PFH, wish i could take credit for it, he did such an great job with it.

  3. I must be missing something with regards to penalty yardage in using the Pro Football Helper software. How does one input more than 5 yards for a penalty….I do not see how to enter any other yardage than the default 5 yards.

  4. Jack,

    There is a slider bar next to the numbers you see when your inputting a penalty, slide it down to the the desired yardage and then click the amount of yardage + or – you are looking for and it will be inputted into the penalty yardage box.

  5. I uploaded the latest update. The schedule feature is a great innovation. Question, I was able to select game from schedule, but i had already played 4 games which show up in standings and stats etc, but it did not populate the schedule meaning it didn’t show the games were played or results. No big deal, but just wondering. I haven’t finished a game in 5.0 don’t know if that makes a difference. Thanks again for all you do for the APBAers.

    1. Jeff,

      You would have to manually enter the games played prior to using the new schedule feature. Its pretty easy to do, just locate the schedule file in the replay folder and type in those games and save it. Had to do this for all of my previous games for the 66 season, took only a few minutes. The schedule feature that Tom added is really nice addition to help speed up replays!

      1. I agree. really helpful feature So the format would be at the end of each line #,# .

        Examples: I would add last two numbers
        Week 1,Sunday,September 15,1974,Miami Dolphins,at,New England Patriots,N,- 17,21
        Week 1,Sunday,September 15,1974,Washington Redskins,at,New York Giants,N,-24,21

    1. Hi Grant i copy and paste I think the 2016 season But when I go to set up the game it don’t show in the directory.
      Maybe I didn’t down load the program right
      Can you help thanks

  6. New PFH questions. Had a rare play where quarterback scrambled and lateraled. Any idea how that should be scored in PFH? Also in game Division Standings are blank. I am still in 1st week of replay. Don’t know if that matters. Thanks. The program is great and got me back into APBA FB after a 10 year layoff!

    1. Jeff,

      Can you zip the entire season folder you are replaying and send it to me. This will be in the Season Stats – Replay folder. Such as: 1966 Season.

      Click on the About Menu to get my email address.

      Once I get your zip file, I’ll look into your Standings issue, and get back to you.


      1. Thanks for helping. Emailed to address in program notes (didn’t see about section) Thanks again for everything.

      2. Tom Milne, the designer of PFH was kind enough to take a look at Jeff’s Division Names not showing up.
        Apparently the Division “Names.txt” file was blank, this gets filled out during the initial season setup when you select divisions and teams. You can edit this later if you forget to select these during your setup but at least now we know where to look to fix the problem, thanks Tom!

  7. Jeff,

    I would score the play as a run to whomever the ball was lateraled to since it now becomes a basic running play.
    What season are you replaying? Are you posting your results anywhere, I like to follow other replays.
    Glad to hear you have gotten back into ABPA Football and PFH is truly a great help in performing replays!

    As far as the standings being blank, seems like they should be updating after each game but I will email Tom to see if he can jump in and give us some understanding on this.

    1. Tom was kind enough to fix up the files. I guess when I set the season up I must’ve done something wrong. Hopefully I will set up another replay and get it right next time. Really want to thank you and Tom. Really great of you guys to help me out and educate me as well!

  8. It’s my first full replay as I had started a few in my younger days. As such, I am a little gun shy on posting. I do enjoy following others. Who knows, maybe after week 1 or 2 are complete I’ll change my mind! The APBA community has been great though. Really enjoying re-discovering these games from my past. Technology really helps but it still comes down to cards and dice. Thanks again

  9. Just a heads up. Looks like there is and update to 5.02. Haven’t downloaded yet so don’t know what it entails.

  10. How do you apply the 5.0.2 update? The extracted files to not include a new .exe and the Program Notes file only talks about updating 4.0.n

  11. Ron,

    I just realized that I had posted the PFH update 5.0.2 in the wrong format. Tom sent the update to me in a different file extension as he was having difficulties emailing it to me. I was suppose to rename it to the .exe before sending it out, oops. It has now been corrected so please download the file again and then you just copy and paste into the PFH folder overwriting the existing files.

  12. This is a great program. I can play SOM, APBA, or many other games. In fact, I have never heard of some of these games like Second Season until I saw it on the options menu. I even checked out that website for possible later purchases. I may seem hoggish, but I just purchased a set of APBA college football cards. Is there any way to play a conference schedule?

  13. Roger,

    PFH is outstanding, really glad you are enjoying it!
    I don’t see why you could not create a conference for college play. If you look in the PFH main folder you will see a sub folder called “Schedule” there you can see how the file is constructed and just make one for your college season. If you have issues you can email Tom the designer of PFH and seek his advice.

  14. I for some reason am having issues. When I run the game I have no options across the top, drop down menus are not available; Game Setup, Game Report, Dice and Player Icons,etc. Anyone know how I can correct?

  15. Kentb7684

    Did you download the update file or the “Pro Football Helper v5.0.2 Complete Program”
    The update is for those having the complete program already installed, this maybe the issue.

  16. So lets walk thru the steps. the zip file
    2.unzip the files to a location on your PC
    3.Double click on the PFH.exe file and nothing shows up?

    If this is whats going on can you send me a picture of your files within the PFH main folder, all see if I can figure out whats going on.

  17. OK, I decided to just delete the older version I had and download the 5.02. All went well until I tried to Start A New Game., Select Teams pop up comes up. 1966 is displayed, I decide just to see what else was installed, so I click the Select Season Directory button. All the fields are blank and I can’t quit out of the popup. It tells me that I have not selected a NEW SEASON DIRECTORY and I am stuck there…. I can send screen prints if you like. I do a lot of testing in the ERP space…

  18. I may have messed something up when I zipped the current file. I asked Tom to resend me the PFH file for a clean zip file. I will post it later tonight. Just delete what you have and lets see if Toms version works correctly.


  19. Got to say that PFH is the most useful piece of freeware I’ve ever seen. Heck, it’s better than most of the software that I’ve purchased.

    Having FULL player/game/league stats and league standings takes my Statis Pro to a whole different level! I don’t know how I managed without it!

    1. I couldn’t agree more, its fantastic. You mentioned you play Statis Pro, do you include injurys during your games? If so, there is a new release coming that will manage your player injuries during a game!

      1. 🙂 Thanks for asking, Grant. Tom sent it to me yesterday! I helped Tom a bit with the Play by Play editing a little bit back, and since we live almost in the same postal code, we keep in touch regularly! PS: Injury Tracking works great!!

    1. I made some hockey helpers a number of years ago, but there was absolutely no interest in them, and I really have no desire of going down that road again. I don’t have them any more, but what’s strange, is that every once in a while I will see one of them pop up on the Internet.

      I don’t own any basketball games and honestly don’t know enough about the sport to even consider a helper.


  20. I am playing the 1966 season on Second Season Football. I merged the AFL and NFL into one league and came up with a 12 week schedule… When I go to start a game and select the ‘Play game from schedule’ button, my schedule appears but it only goes up to weak eight?.?. Then when I close out the schedule and try to open it again, a prompt pops up “array index out of bounds exception…”

    Any idea why this would be happening???

    1. James

      This sounds like a question for Tom. I will email him an see if he will jump in here to help sort out the issue for you. The out of array pop up sounds like an issue when you created the schedule, may have left too many spaces in between lines or something of that nature.

      1. Grant,

        James fixed this problem himself at the roughly the same time I contacted him. On one of the lines he left off the last four characters, which were: ,N,-

        Once he fixed that, the schedule loaded properly.

        As occurs in most cases, the problem line, was the last line that appeared before the file ended.

    2. James, can you email the schedule to me and I will see what the problem is. To get my email click on “About” on the top menu bar.

  21. Does anyone know how to enter negative numbers in the Manual Game Entry. I started a replay already for 1996 and I want to put it into this program but it won’t let me put negative numbers in. Example…Brett Favre 2 rushes for -2 yards. Does anyone know how to do that so the stats would be accurate?

    1. Bob,

      When you’re on the Manual Game Entry screen there is a Menu item at the top of the Game Statistics entry form that contains entry tips. One of these tips is for entering negative numbers, which reads:

      – to enter a negative number – enter the number and then use the back arrow key and enter the minus symbol (-) in front of the number.

      I always cringe when someone uses Manual Entry and in many ways I wish I had never created it. The stats entered in Manual Entry do not appear in the stats created by the Helper and vice-versa. The stats generated in both, are kept in their own “little worlds.”

      Also, when I created the Manual Entry side, I had to implement many ‘safe guards’ so that the user couldn’t enter faulty information causing the program to crash. These ‘safe guards’ make stat entry VERY tedious.


      1. I just did it. It worked. Thanks so much for your help. This program has saved me hours. Thanks again.

  22. Quick question. I noticed a small white box on the scoreboard area to the right of the quarter box. It seems as though the number in that box can be edited. never noticed before the most recent update. Any idea what that is?

    1. Jeff, the small box you see is what is commonly referred to as “a screw up.” You shouldn’t be able to see it. I suspect I was testing something and forgot to change its status back to invisible.

      DO NOT enter anything in the box while scoring a replay … if you do … you may regret it.

      Send me an email (my address is on the PFH’s About form), and I will send you a corrected copy.

  23. Hi all, is anyone using FAC for the Helper? I downloaded it from Steeler Replays, there is a file in tmd format I believe, but I don’t know how to incorporate it. Thanks!

    1. Alan, if you downloaded the FAC from Steeler8643’s web site, it is not APBA related. It is solely for use with the football game developed by PLAAY. When I sent it to the host of Steeler8643’s site, I had to change the file extension to .tdm so my service provider would send it (my usual site ‘We Transfer’ wasn’t working). I suspect Steeler8643 forgot to change the extension back to its original name when he posted it. All you have to do, is change the file extension from .tdm to .exe and it should work.

  24. Hello Allen,

    When you say FAC I’m assuming your referring to Fast Action Cards like Status Pro utilizes for resolving play results.
    I have never seen this feature with PFH but that does not mean it doesn’t exists. Your best bet would be to email Tom the designer and I’m sure he will get right back to you with the answer. Lets us know what you find out!
    You can find his email on the “About ” tab on the game main menu.

  25. Do you know if this supports 2-poit conversions? Don’t see it in any settings and don’t have the option after TDs.

  26. Yeah, I was only looking at the PAT button and expected a 2pt one, didn’t look at the options closely after going in. I just bought Second Season and the 2004 season. Doing an Eagles replay, only on game two. Still getting the hang of the game so it’s slow going, but this program helps a ton. Thanks again.

  27. I love the fields. Do you have a field with baseball diamond (ie LA Rams #3) that has no hash marks or numbers on it?

    1. Harvey,

      Glad you like the football fields. I create them in Photoshop so I could make one without the hash marks very easy for you. Were you thinking of the hasemarks being very faint like they have been wiped off during play, or just none at all?

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