Pro Football Helper v5.0.2

Tom Milne is the creator of Pro Football Helper, the best FREE! statistical tracker for single games or full season replays.

April 27th 2020 – Revision 5.0.2 Released – Remember to finish your current game prior to installing the files.

Tom Milne’s Team Roster files for every season.

I created three tutorial videos if your interested in seeing how the program works and proper setup on your PC.


  1. that is great stuff. Haven’t play APBA since mid 70’s, when my geek friend created a computer program called ACCY STAT to collect game stats and print outs of our face to face games. We created score sheets and primitive systems to get him the info. I guess he would go back to his computer class and enter everything in and bring back the results. Unfortunately, the game, the cards, the boards the stat books and all were all given away many years ago when we were cleaning out the garage, We have a great time for several years before and after ACCYSTAT was created. Really impressed with your program. I’m sure it was a labor of love, but nonetheless, a ton of work. Have been reading about APBA lately and Oguard62 brought me to this blog.

  2. Hey Joel, nice to hear the stories of people enjoy APBA, sounds like that was a lot of work indeed! Oguards site is awesome and full of great information. Tom Milne is the creator of PFH, wish i could take credit for it, he did such an great job with it.

  3. I must be missing something with regards to penalty yardage in using the Pro Football Helper software. How does one input more than 5 yards for a penalty….I do not see how to enter any other yardage than the default 5 yards.

  4. Jack,

    There is a slider bar next to the numbers you see when your inputting a penalty, slide it down to the the desired yardage and then click the amount of yardage + or – you are looking for and it will be inputted into the penalty yardage box.

  5. I uploaded the latest update. The schedule feature is a great innovation. Question, I was able to select game from schedule, but i had already played 4 games which show up in standings and stats etc, but it did not populate the schedule meaning it didn’t show the games were played or results. No big deal, but just wondering. I haven’t finished a game in 5.0 don’t know if that makes a difference. Thanks again for all you do for the APBAers.

    1. Jeff,

      You would have to manually enter the games played prior to using the new schedule feature. Its pretty easy to do, just locate the schedule file in the replay folder and type in those games and save it. Had to do this for all of my previous games for the 66 season, took only a few minutes. The schedule feature that Tom added is really nice addition to help speed up replays!

      1. I agree. really helpful feature So the format would be at the end of each line #,# .

        Examples: I would add last two numbers
        Week 1,Sunday,September 15,1974,Miami Dolphins,at,New England Patriots,N,- 17,21
        Week 1,Sunday,September 15,1974,Washington Redskins,at,New York Giants,N,-24,21

  6. New PFH questions. Had a rare play where quarterback scrambled and lateraled. Any idea how that should be scored in PFH? Also in game Division Standings are blank. I am still in 1st week of replay. Don’t know if that matters. Thanks. The program is great and got me back into APBA FB after a 10 year layoff!

    1. Jeff,

      Can you zip the entire season folder you are replaying and send it to me. This will be in the Season Stats – Replay folder. Such as: 1966 Season.

      Click on the About Menu to get my email address.

      Once I get your zip file, I’ll look into your Standings issue, and get back to you.


      1. Thanks for helping. Emailed to address in program notes (didn’t see about section) Thanks again for everything.

      2. Tom Milne, the designer of PFH was kind enough to take a look at Jeff’s Division Names not showing up.
        Apparently the Division “Names.txt” file was blank, this gets filled out during the initial season setup when you select divisions and teams. You can edit this later if you forget to select these during your setup but at least now we know where to look to fix the problem, thanks Tom!

  7. Jeff,

    I would score the play as a run to whomever the ball was lateraled to since it now becomes a basic running play.
    What season are you replaying? Are you posting your results anywhere, I like to follow other replays.
    Glad to hear you have gotten back into ABPA Football and PFH is truly a great help in performing replays!

    As far as the standings being blank, seems like they should be updating after each game but I will email Tom to see if he can jump in and give us some understanding on this.

    1. Tom was kind enough to fix up the files. I guess when I set the season up I must’ve done something wrong. Hopefully I will set up another replay and get it right next time. Really want to thank you and Tom. Really great of you guys to help me out and educate me as well!

  8. It’s my first full replay as I had started a few in my younger days. As such, I am a little gun shy on posting. I do enjoy following others. Who knows, maybe after week 1 or 2 are complete I’ll change my mind! The APBA community has been great though. Really enjoying re-discovering these games from my past. Technology really helps but it still comes down to cards and dice. Thanks again

  9. Just a heads up. Looks like there is and update to 5.02. Haven’t downloaded yet so don’t know what it entails.

  10. How do you apply the 5.0.2 update? The extracted files to not include a new .exe and the Program Notes file only talks about updating 4.0.n

  11. Ron,

    I just realized that I had posted the PFH update 5.0.2 in the wrong format. Tom sent the update to me in a different file extension as he was having difficulties emailing it to me. I was suppose to rename it to the .exe before sending it out, oops. It has now been corrected so please download the file again and then you just copy and paste into the PFH folder overwriting the existing files.

  12. This is a great program. I can play SOM, APBA, or many other games. In fact, I have never heard of some of these games like Second Season until I saw it on the options menu. I even checked out that website for possible later purchases. I may seem hoggish, but I just purchased a set of APBA college football cards. Is there any way to play a conference schedule?

  13. Roger,

    PFH is outstanding, really glad you are enjoying it!
    I don’t see why you could not create a conference for college play. If you look in the PFH main folder you will see a sub folder called “Schedule” there you can see how the file is constructed and just make one for your college season. If you have issues you can email Tom the designer of PFH and seek his advice.

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