Sunday Sept. 25th, 2-0 Rams @ 2-0 Packers

The first quarter was controlled by the Packers as they drove the length of the field chewing up over 7 minutes of the game clock. The drive was capped off with a 33 touchdown pass from Star to Dowler giving the Packers a 7-0 lead with 3 minutes remaining. Los Angeles answered in less than a minute as Roman Gabriel hit Steve Heckard for a 62 yard catch and run to tie the ball game at the end of quarter one.

The second quarter was one of frustration for the Packers with fumbles and miscues giving the Rams short fields. The only bright spot for the Pack was their defense, which held the Rams to just two field goals.
Halftime: Rams 13 Packers 10

Green Bay finally got back on track going on a long drive again with Elijah Pitt bashing into the end zone from 5 yards out. Packers retake the lead 14 to 13 as we enter the final period of play.

In the 4th period, Los Angles had multiple big punt returns from Jim Stiger setting them up with great scoring opportunities only to come away with missed field goals and zero points. Green Bay held on to win this one in the final minutes. Roman Gabriel had the Rams just outside of field goal range with under 1:20 to play. Firing down field near the goal line Gabriel’s pass was picked off by Bob Jeter at the 4 yard line, Packer fans good breath a little better. Green Bay pulls this one out at home 14 to 13.

Actual Score: Los Angeles 13 at Green Bay 24
APBA Replay Score: Los Angeles 13 at Green Bay

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