Sunday Sept. 25th, 1-1 Redskins @ 1-0-1 Steelers

Steeler QB Ron Smith

Pittsburgh quarterback Ron Smith came into the ball came midway through the first quarter and played exceptionally well. Washington jumped out to an early 10-0 lead with Sonny Jurgensen passing the football with great effect but Sonny cooled off the rest of the game. The Steelers scored three times in the 3rd period to take the lead 16 to 10 as we entered the 4th period.

Both ball clubs struggled to maintain any consistently to keep drives alive until the Redskins mounted along drive aided by the running game and with 1:45 to play A.D. Whitfield plowed into the end zone as the Redskins retook the lead 17 to 16.

Ron Smith started to sling the football all over the ball park and struck lighting when he found Roy Jefferson for a 31 yard completion to the Washington one yard line. Pittsburgh called timeout as just 6 seconds remained on the game clock. Kick the field goal or go for the touchdown. With the momentum the Steelers went for the touchdown with running back Bobby Smith right up the A gap and scored. Washington falls to 1-2 and the Steelers improve to 2-0-1.

Actual Score: Washington 33 at Pittsburgh 27
APBA Replay Score: Washington 17 at Pittsburgh 2


  1. If you are anything like me, your heart beat skips a lot faster when I’m rolling a tight contest with my favorite team. That is a tough loss against a team that they should have beaten,

  2. I thought forsure the Redskins would pull it out, can’t believe Ron Smith brought the Steelers back to win it. Washington started out red hot but then the dice went ice cold on them.

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