Saturday Oct 8th, 0-4 Broncos @ 4-0 Chiefs

Hank Stram has his 4-0 Chiefs ready for today’s game against the winless Denver Broncos. Denver’s first series ended in a turnover when Kansas City’s Right linebacker E.J. Holub picked off McCormick’s pass and returned it 30 yards to the Denver 4. Mike Garrett darts into the end zone on 2nd down for the first points of the ball game. Kansas City was poised to score again when Len Dawson was picked off in the endzone by Nemiah Wilson, no return so its Denver ball on their 20 yard line. With just 22 seconds left in the first, Mike Garrett snapped off a 17 yard touchdown run. Quarter one ends with the Chiefs 14, Broncos 0.

Lenny Dawson tossed a perfect spiral to Chris Burford on a deep post pattern and Burford hauled it in for the touchdown, 36 yards of perfection. Denver muffed a punt return and the Chiefs have it on the 20 of Denver. Kansas City was facing a 4th and 1 at the 11 yard line of Denver and they decide to go for it, Denver’s defense is getting run all over this afternoon. Len Dawson slams the ball into the belly of Mike Garrett off tackle, quick side step and he into the endzone! That’s Garrett’s third touchdown and we are still in the first half! We are now at the half with the Chiefs up 28 to 0 on the visiting Broncos. The Chiefs have 233 yards of offense and Broncos just 61. The Broncos have only 41 yards of total offense and two first downs in the first half. John McCormick has not yet completed one pass; he is 0-5 with one interception.

Kansas City Walked down the field with their running game to start the 3rd quarter and Bert Coan smashed the football over the goal line for another Chiefs score, KC 35, Denver 0. Here come the Broncos out onto the field to start their first drive and Max Choboian will be replacing McCormick at quarterback. Choboian second pass went for 20 yards, but then, 3 straight in completions forcing another Bronco Punt. As we enter the fourth and final period of play the score remains Chiefs 35 Broncos 0.

With 5:58 to play in the game, backup QB Pete Beathard threw a touchdown pass to Chris Buford from 51 yards out. Chiefs are thumping the Broncos 42 to nothing. Kansas City just runs out the clock and that will allow the Broncos get off the field, very bad outing for Denver.

Actual Score: Denver 10 at Kansas City 37
APBA Replay Score: Denver 0 at Kansas City 42

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