Saturday Oct 8th, 0-4 Dolphins @ 2-2 Raiders

Very Disappointed John Madden walks off the field after the devastating loss

Oakland’s first series drove to the 43 of Miami but stalled out forcing a punt. Oakland’s punt went out of bounds at the three yard line of Miami placing the Dolphins in a tough situation.  George Wilson drove Miami the length of the field only to be picked off at the one yard line by Howie William. Williams ran the interception back 32 yards. Neither team could muster any drive that amounted to points so we head into quarter two with the score still 0-0. Oakland is not playing well here at home this afternoon.

Oakland scores the first points of the contest when Tom Flores tossed a screen pass out to Clem Daniels; Daniels sprinted to the end zone untouched for an 84 yard touchdown. Miami once again could not move the football with any consistency on the Raider defense and had to punt. Tom Flores march down the field and put the Raiders in position to score when all heck broke loose on the Raiders, here is the call from the boot: Clem Daniels is the ball carrier … he runs for 14 yards and fumbles the football at the 4 yard line!  Pete Jaquess has the football for Miami … he has wide open field down the right sideline and he is gone for a 96 yard touchdown! Gene Mingo splits the uprights on the extra point and the ball game is tied with just 10 seconds left in the first half, wow what a big break for the Dolphins.

Oakland will be kicking off to start the second half. Miami’s first drive fell short of the end zone but Gene Mingo picked up three more points for the Dolphins, the call: From the 40 … the football will be spotted at the Oakland 47 yard line and the Dolphins are looking at a 47 yard field goal attempt … … … and here’s Gene Mingo’s field goal from 47 yards … … this one might not make it … … and it just squeeze’s inside the left upright … IT’S GOOD !! … and that will give the Dolphins the lead … it’s now 10-7 for Miami. Oakland has a chance to tie the game up in the closing minutes of the 3rd quarter, Mike Eischeid is ready for the kick: From the 28 … the football will be spotted at the Miami 35 yard line and the Raiders are looking at a 35 yard field goal attempt … … … and here’s Mike Eischeid with the kick … … going … … going … … NO GOOD !! … … the Raiders fail to cut into the lead as the score remains … Miami 10 …  and Oakland 7.

Tom Flores first pass in the 4th quarter was a screen out to Clem Daniels all be darn if he does not take this one to the house, his second of the game. Raiders back on top 14 to 10; this has been a big play game as neither team can seem to maintain a drive. Tom Flores was hit while attempting a 3rd and 13 pass. The ball flew up in the air and right into the hands of defensive end Ed Cooke and took off for a 23 yard interception return for a touchdown, and just like that the Dolphins are back in front 17 to 14.

After a series of punts the Dolphins had the ball on their own 6 with a little over 3 minutes to play. Miami worked the ball out to their 25 chewing up the game clock and will now punt the ball to Oakland with 1:18 to play, Dolphins still leading in this one by 3. This punt is coming back, holding on Miami and they will have to punt the ball once more. George Wilson banged off a 55 yard punt! Roger Bird with a minimal return on 4 yards, the Raiders have just 55 seconds and all three timeouts to least get in field goal range to try and tie the game back up. Screen out to Biletnikoff, incomplete, 2nd and 10 for the Raiders. Deep arching pass to Art Powell, falls incomplete, 3rd and 10. Flores back in the pocket, sacked by Rick Zecher for a loss of 2 yards! The final play for the Raiders with just 14 seconds left, and they are facing a 4th and 12. Huge upsetting in the making if the Dolphins can hold on they will get their first win of the season. Flores back to pass, pocket is closing, SACKED AGAIN, this time it’s the left tackle of Miami, Tom Nomina. That’s it here out West as the Miami Dolphins upset the Raiders 17 to 14 in the ugliest game played all year by the Raiders.   

Actual Score: Miami 10 at Oakland 21
APBA Replay Score: Miami 17 at Oakland 14

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