Sunday Oct 9th, 1-3 Falcons @ 1-3 Redskins

Sonny Jergensen was outstanding this afternoon

1-3 Redskins, who have really under-performed so far season will be hosting the 1-3 Atlanta Falcons. Washington needs to get the win this afternoon to keep pace with the other teams in the Eastern Division.

Sonny Jurgensen strolls up to the line, checking into another play, he must see something he likes. The snap and Sonny drops back 7 yards, good pocket around him, fires deep to a wide open Jerry Smith and he will score! Wow the first play of the game is an 80 yard strike by Washington. Charlie Gogolak’s extra point is good and the Redskins stun the Falcons, Washington 7 Atlanta 0 with 14:02 to play in the first quarter.  Atlanta failed to move the chains on their first series so in comes the punt team. Long drive by the Redskins end in another TD: Jurgensen rolls out to his right; Jerry Smith is open in the back on the endzone, TOUCHDOWN! That’s Sonny second of the game and Smiths second TD catch. Washington has come out of the locker room on fire. Gogolak missed the extra point so the Redskins are up 13 to 0 with 7:58 still to play in the first quarter.

Randy Johnson has the Falcons at the line, off tackle to Junior Coffey running left, filters through the line trying to get his leg untangled and now he’s hauled down after a decent pick up of 6 yards, it’s 2nd and 4 from the Atlanta 37 yard line. Atlanta needs to put a drive together to give their defense a little breather. Randy Johnson takes the snap and drops back, Play action, throws to his tight end Bill Martin and its batted away, incomplete. Atlanta is looking at 3rd and 4 from their own 37. Randy Johnson with a mis-direction play throws left side to wide out Vern Burke and he’s wrapped up at the Atlanta 42 and that’s a small pickup of 5 yards, 1st and 10 from the Atlanta 42. Randy Johnson getting flushed out of the pocket and he’s sacked by Stan Jones and that’s a loss of 9 yards. Washington’s relentless pressure forces a 4th and 19 from the Washington 48 and here comes the punting unit.

Washington will start the second period of play on their 43 with a 2nd and 12 after the sack by Atlanta to close out the first quarter. The Redskins have out gained the Falcons 144 yards to 22 so far. Sonny Jurgensen rips the Falcons again, Sonny with a five step drop and he slings a pass to Mitchell, looks to high! … NO HE CAUGHT IT FOR THE TOUCHDOWN … that’s touchdown pass number three for Sonny and the Redskins increase their lead to 20 to 0.

Randy Johnson drops back to pass and he is under pressure from the outside, the football is batted out of Randy Johnson’s hand! Mad scramble for the bouncing pigskin, John Reger recovers the fumble for Washington at the 10 yard line of Atlanta. Charley Taylor has it, protecting the football as he slips and is brought down behind the line,  loss of -4 yards, it’s now 2nd and goal from the Atlanta 14. Sonny Jurgensen back steps 7 yards, double-pumps and throws to Bobby Mitchell along the left sideline and it’s incomplete; he couldn’t get both feet down before being knocked out-of-bounds, 3rd and 14 from the Atlanta 14. Sonny Jurgensen getting flushed out of the pocket and he’s sacked by Bob Riggle, and that’s a loss of 4 yards. Great stand by Atlanta with their backs to their endzone. Charlie Gogolak is trotting out to attempt the field goal: From the 18, the football will be spotted at the Atlanta 25 yard line and the Redskins are looking at a 25 yard field goal attempt. Charlie Gogolak’s field goal from 25 yards … … HAS THE DISTANCE … … AND JUST SQUEEZE’S INSIDE THE RIGHT UPRIGHT … IT’S GOOD !!! … and that will extend the Redskins lead … it’s now 23-0 for Washington with 9:03 left in the first half.

Wheelright runs it to the left on a counter play, stood up by a swarm of Redskins, no gain, 2nd and 10 from the Atlanta 32 yard line. Junior Coffey off-tackle, picking his way through the line, hit and sent backwards into the turf a gain of 4 yards.  Atlanta is looking at 3rd and 6 from their own 36. Randy Johnson throws to Bill Martin and it’s incomplete. Bill Martin was hit just as the ball arrived and couldn’t hold on! The Falcons now face a 4th and 6 from the Atlanta 36 and will have to punt.

Redskins now face a 4th and 3 from the Atlanta 6 and it looks like Charlie Gogolak is coming in. Here the call from the booth: From the 6 … the football will be spotted at the Atlanta 13 yard line and the Redskins are looking at a 13 yard field goal attempt … … … and Charlie Gogolak’s field goal from 13 yards … … IS NAILED HOME !!! … … and that will extend the Redskins lead … it’s now 26-0 for Washington. Charlie Gogolak with the kick off and the Falcons will field it at the Atlanta 1, Ron Smith returns the kickoff 6 yards … to the Atlanta 7 yard line, the score at the half, Washington 26 Atlanta 0.

QB Dennis Claridge replaced Randy Johnson in the second half.  Claridge threw for 16 of 22 and 161 yard with 2 touchdown passes, but Washington was just too powerful today. The Redskins went on to win it 40 to 17 scoring two more touchdowns in the second half. Maybe this game will get the Redskins back on track.

Actual Score: Atlanta 20 at Washington 33
APBA Replay Score: Atlanta 17 at Washington 40

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