Saturday Sept. 10th 0-0 Colts at 0-0 Packers

Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers, the defending NFL Champions. Opened the season at home Saturday Night with a National TV broadcast game against the Baltimore Colts.

Actual Score: Baltimore 3 at Green Bay 24
APBA Replay Score:
Baltimore 3 at Green Bay 7


  1. I see Hornung had a ‘stellar’ game. How many big losses did he have of the 14 carries he took? My big complaint about APBA is those big loss numbers.

  2. I think he had a few but overall he was stopped cold for no gains mostly, just a lot of bad dice rolls.
    The big losses on running plays never really bothered me as i don’s seem to hit them very often. I just view it as the running back tried to make something out of nothing and got dropped for a big loss, it does happen.
    Thanks for taking a look at my replay site!

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