Sunday Oct 2nd, 1-1 Bears @ 3-0 Vikings

The running game of the Bears kept them in this one.

Metropolitan Stadium will be the site for today’s ball game between the 1-1 Chicago Bears and the 3-0 Minnesota Vikings. Chicago was 0-2 for real coming into this game and the Vikings were 0-2-1. My APBA has been good to Minnesota as they are 3-0 and the Bears are 1-1, so we will see if the Vikings can remain undefeated as the Bears defeated the Viks 13 to 10 for real.

Minnesota will be kicking off to get this party started.
The first quarter ended with neither team being able to move the football, tough defensive play from both teams. Chicago is starting to move the football on the ground with Gale Sayers and Ronnie Bull. Quarter two will open up with the Bears looking at a 1st and 10 at the 22 of Minnesota.

Gale Sayers snapped off a 3 yard run but he needed 4 to move the chains, Chicago has a big decision, go for the first down at the 13 of Minnesota, or attempt a field goal. The Bears sent in Roger LeClerc their kicker, here’s the call from the booth: From the 13 … the football will be spotted at the Minnesota 20 yard line and the Bears are looking at a 20 yard field goal attempt … … … and here’s Roger LeClerc with the kick … … and it’s … … off line … … left … … NO GOOD !! … … the Bears waste a glorious opportunity to take the lead … the score remains … Minnesota 0 …  and Chicago 0.

Fran Tarkenton finally got the Vikings on the move through the air working their way down to the 21 of Chicago before stalling out. Fred Cox is trotting out onto the field to attempt the 28 yarder, here’s the call from the booth: From the 21 … the football will be spotted at the Chicago 28 yard line and the Vikings are looking at a 28 yard field goal attempt … … … and Fred Cox’s field goal from 28 yards splits the uprights … and that will give the Vikings the lead … it’s now 3-0 for Minnesota.

Chicago will get the ball back with just 4:25 to go until halftime. The Vikings picked off Chicago deep down field only to fumble the interception return at their 34 and the Mighty Bears recovered it there, still 1:15 to go, plenty of time to at least get a field goal. The Bears have managed to back themselves up to the 46 of Minnesota with penalties and miscues. The game clock shows 15 seconds, just one last desperate long pass attempt, just too far for a field goal. Rudy Bukich slides up in the pocket and fires deep, he’s has WR Jim Jones down the middle wide open, OHH! NOO! Right threw his hands, incomplete. That will send us into the locker rooms with Minnesota up 3-0.

Minnesota’s opening drive in the second half moved right down the field until a tipped pass at the line landed into linebacker Joe Fortunato’s hands at the 30 of Chicago, that’s the third turnover for the Vikings today. Minnesota drove down the field again on a long drive only to stall out on the 8 yard line of Chicago. Fred Cox will try getting the Vikings three more points. The call: From the 8 … the football will be spotted at the Chicago 15 yard line and the Vikings are looking at a 15 yard field goal attempt … … … and Fred Cox’s field goal from 15 yards … IS DRILLED … … RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE !!! … and that will extend the Vikings lead … it’s now 6-0 for Minnesota with 2:39 left in the third period.

Chicago is still in this ball game at the start of the 4th quarter. Its Bears football on the 42 of Minnesota, 3rd and 4, crucial drive for Chicago. Gale Sayers answers the call, a 15 yard run! Chicago is looking at another long 3rd down, 3rd and 10 at the 15 of the Vikings. Rudy Bukich back to pass, looking, looking, and the pocket is collapsing around him, the ball is on ground, someone knocked out of his hands! Big pile up and the Bears somehow recovered the football. Here comes Roger LeClerc, and he missed another one! rough afternoon for the Bears kicker. Fran Tarkenton tried a slant pass on 3rd and 8 but it’s picked off, his third on the day. Free Safety Rosie Taylor snagged it, runs it back 8yds to the 24 of Minnesota and Bears have life again. Chicago makes the Vikings pay this time as Ronnie Bull blows into the end zone 5 yards out and the Bears have taken the lead 7-6 with 8:05 to go.

The Vikings are running the football and utilizing short safe passes with success, they are on the move again. Tarkenton found Paul Flatley for a 23 yard gain but there are flags on the field, roughing the passer called on the Bears. Minnesota will have a 1st and goal at 8 of Chicago, just a little over 5 minutes to play in the contest. Minnesota fails to punch it in; here comes Fred Cox again, for perhaps the game winning field goal if he makes it. Fred Cox stays perfect on the day with another field goal and the Vikings have retaken the lead 9 to 7 with 3:20 to play. Bukich went deep to Jim Jones and that’s a 41 yard gain! Flag on the field again. Holding on the defense, Chicago will decline and now they have football at the 28 of Minnesota with 2:05 left. Trap inside to Sayers, quick 6 yards and we are at the two minute warning. Pass to Mike Ditka, right over his head, incomplete, 4th down for the Bears. With just 1:15 left Chicago will have to send in their kicker, he is 0-2 attempts today. Here’s the call from the booth: From the 23 … the football will be spotted at the Minnesota 30 yard line and the Bears are looking at a 30 yard field goal attempt … … … and here’s Roger LeClerc’s field goal from 30 yards … … it’s going to be … shor… … … NO, IT JUST MADE IT OVER THE BAR … IT’S GOOD !! … and the Bears have taken the lead … it’s Chicago 10 and Minnesota 9.

Minnesota has just 50 seconds to work some kind of Vikings magic to remain undefeated. Tarkenton throwing long … falls incomplete deep down field and the Vikings fall as well to the Chicago Bears 10 to 9, classic Bears Viking football game.

Actual Score: Chicago 13 at Minnesota 10
APBA Replay Score: Chicago 10 at Minnesota 9

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