Sunday Oct 2nd, 1-2 Cardinals @ 1-2 Eagles

Roland was unstoppable this afternoon.
24 carries for 164 yards and 3 TD

The 1-2 St. Louis Cardinals will take on the 1-2 Eagles in Philly for this week 4 matchup. The Cardinals blew out the Eagles in the real game 41 to 10. Both teams are trying to keep pace with the division leader Steelers, a win today is very important in the divisional race.

Cardinals took the opening kick back 50 yards to the 46 of Philly and on the very next play running back Willis Crenshaw had a breakaway run for a 46 yard touchdown, and just like that the Cardinals are up 7. Philly picked up a field goal making it 7-3 and then a big double turnover play resulted in the Eagles scoring and taking the lead 10 -7. Norm Snead slung a pass 32 yards down field only to have it picked off by St. Louis. On the interception return the Cardinals fumbled and Timmy Smith of the Eagles scooped up the football and rambled 40 yards for a touchdown!

The second period started with a bang as Johnny Roland broke a long touchdown run of 24 yards giving the Cardinals the lead 14 to 13. St. Louis booted a field goal in the closing minutes of the half to head into the locker room up 17 to 13. Penalties are the story of the Cardinals in the first half with 5 for 60 yards, these penalties killed several scoring opportunities. Johnny Roland has over hundred yards already and a touchdown, best performance by Roland in A half thus far this season. 

St. Louis stopped the Eagles on their opening drive forcing a field goal, right down the center and now the score is Cardinals 17 Eagles 16. Johnny Roland has been chewing up the yards in this ball game and he started right backup from where he left off in the first half by snapping off a 44 yard touchdown run, the extra point was no good, botched snap, Cardinals 23 Eagles 16. The ensuing kickoff Eagles return man Ollie Matson fumbled and the Cardinals recovered the ball at the a6 of Philly. Roland pounds the rock into the endzone from one yard out, Cardinals up 30 to 16 as we head into the final quarter of the game.

The Eagles have driven the football down the field well, only to have to settle for field goals. They picked up three more closing the gap to 30 to 19 and then on St. Louis’s next possession they blocked the Cardinals punt recovering it on the seven yard line of St. Louis. Philly pushed the ball to the 2 yard line and facing 4th and 2 at the 2 they went for it and running back Timmy Brown was dropped for a 4 yard loss! Philly stuffed the Cardinals attempts to run the football shoving them back to their own one yard line, 4th and 15 for St. Louis as they punt from out of their own end zone. Maximum punt rush by the Eagles, the punt was not blocked but the Eagles have great field position on the Cardinals 33 with 5:25 to go. Norm Snead’s first pass attempt is tipped at the line and picked off by Sam Silas, Cardinals ball. Cardinals just run out the clock and get out of Philly with a good road win to improve to 2-2.

Actual Score: St. Louis 41 at Philadelphia 10
APBA Replay Score: St. Louis 33 at Philadelphia 16

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