Sunday Oct 2nd, 3-1 Oilers @ 0-3 Broncos

My replay has these teams pretty close to their actual records coming into this matchup. The Oilers were 2-2 in 1966, in my replay they are 3-1. Denver was 0-3 which is exactly where my replay has them. Denver defeated Houston 40 to 38 getting their first win of the season; let’s see if they can do it again.

Quarter one has been all Houston 10 to 0, the only touchdown so far was when RB Sid Blanks came into the game to give Ode Burrell a rest and he popped one for 16 yards. Denver has a mere 17 yards of total offense and 2 first downs, not the start they were hoping for.

John McCormick found Al Denson for a 45 yard touchdown right down the middle early in the 2nd quarter, which tightens the score up, Denver 7 Houston 10 with 12:40 to go. Full Back Darrell Lester has come into the game for Denver, 1st and 10 for the Broncos on their 5 yard line. Lester gets the call, FUMBLE! Big pile on the football, the referees are trying to see who has the ball, its defensive left end Gary Cutsinger for Houston on the recovery, Oilers ball at the 3 yard line. Houston lost 4 yards on attempt number one; John Henry was crushed in the backfield. The Oilers tried to run outside with Ode but he fumbled the pitchout and the Broncos recovered the football at their own 16 and dodged a bullet.  The Broncos kicked a field goal to tie the game up right before halftime. John McCormick is really heating up in the passing game; so far he has thrown for 145 yards, hitting on 8 of 15 with one touchdown and one interception.

Houston scored on its first drive thanks to a 51 yard pass from Blanda to Charley Hennigan setting the Oilers up first and goal at the 2 yard line. The Oilers lead lasted just one kickoff as Nemiah Wilson returned the ensuing kick back 90 yards to tie the ball game back up 17 to 17. With 8:31 to play in the 3rd, Houston punt returner, Bobby Jancik muffed the return dropping the football at the 22 yard line; the ball rolled 19 yards toward the Houston goal line. Mickey Sutton for Houston grabbed it but his momentum carried him into the endzone and he was tackled for a safety, Broncos 19, Oilers 17.

George Blanda kicked a short field goal on the first play of the 4th period after the Broncos held the Oilers out of the endzone on a goal line stand to end the 3rd quarter.  Houston picked up three more points on a 23rd kick by Blanda; with 1:33 to play the Broncos have one slim chance to steal the victory. McCormick first three pass attempts fall incomplete, 4th and 10 at the 20 of Denver with just 48 seconds to go. McCormick’s pass to Taylor bounced off the grass and the Oilers will take over on downs. Houston will run the clock out and improve to 4-1 and Broncos remain win less.  

Actual Score: Houston 38 at Denver 40
APBA Replay Score: Houston 23 at Denver 19

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