Sunday Oct 9th, 1-3 Eagles @ 2-1 Cowboys

Dallas Blows By Philly

Timmy Brown of the Eagles muffed the opening kickoff and Cowboys recovered the fumble at the 12 of Philly. 3 plays later and the Cowboys are out in front 7 – 0 after FB Don Perkins takes the ball over the goal line. The ensuing kickoff turned into another turnover with Ollie Matson coughing up the ball at the 22, recovered by Dallas’s Harold Hays. The Eagles defense held the Cowboys to three, a minor accomplishment. Philly actually returned the kickoff without a fumble this time, another baby step towards professional football for the Eagles. Three plays later and the Eagles will have to punt; this may be the theme for the Eagles this afternoon. Dallas turned the football over on their 39 when Don Meredith tossed the football to Dan Reeves on a sweep, the toss was behind him, and the pigskin rolled 9 yards before the Eagles Don Hultz finally recovered it. 

Norm Snead with a quick dump off to Pete Retzlaff at the Dallas 27 … spins off a tackle and heads for pay dirt … still going … finally tripped up at the Dallas 1 yard line … a pickup of 27 yards … it’s now 1st and goal from the Dallas 1. Two power runs up the gut for Philly goes nowhere: Earl Gros … protecting the football … hits the line … REPULSED !!! … Stopped cold by the Cowboys for no gain … it’s now 3rd and goal from the Dallas 1. Norm Snead, QB sneak, AND HE WON’T GET THERE … as the Cowboys pull him down at the line of scrimmage for no gain … it’s now 4th and goal from the Dallas 1. Sam Baker is trotting out onto the field to try a field goal; I think I just saw him tripped over his foot, no that’s embarrassing. The call from the booth: From the 1 … the football will be spotted at the Dallas 8 yard line and the Eagles are looking at a 8 yard field goal attempt … … … and here is Sam Baker’s field goal from 8 yards … … IT’S THROUGH THE UPRIGHTS … and the Eagles cut into the Cowboys lead … it’s now 10-3 for Dallas.

The second quarter will start with the Cowboys at the 40 of Philly. Dallas drove the down the gridiron scoring once again, this time it was Dan Reeves on a 2 yards run, Dallas 17 Philly 3. Neither team had any success moving the football in the 2nd period. Cowboys kept turning the football over and with 3:38 to go before the half Dan Reeves lost the handle on a toss sweep and the Eagle recovered the ball at the 26 of Dallas. On 2nd and 10 Norm Snead is sacked by Mike Gaechter for a 13 yard loss! Snead is picked off 20 yards down field by strong safety Mike Gaechter, back to back big plays by Gaechter. Dallas could not run the clock out so the Eagles have one minute to try and score from their 42. Norm Snead … getting flushed out of the pocket … and he’s sacked by Dave Edwards … and that’s a loss of 4 yards … that sack by Dave Edwards makes it … 2nd and 14 from the Philadelphia 38 yard line. That’s the third sack this afternoon on Snead. At the half its Cowboys 17 Eagles 3, Philly kicks off to start the second half.

Dallas took the opening drive and turned into seven more points on a Don Perkins 8 yard run to paydirt. The drive took over four minutes off the game clock, solid start for the Cowboys. Norm Snead will have to throw on almost every down to try and get the Eagles back into this ball game. Snead is heating up completing pass after pass on this drive pushing the football to the 3 of Dallas. Izzy Lang plows in for the Eagles first touchdown of the game. Sam Baker missed the extra point, looked like a nine iron off a green at August, chunk of sod flying and the ball shanked off to the right. As the 3rd quarter ends the Dallas Cowboys are sitting at the13 of Philly after a nifty run by Walt Garrison: Walt Garrison … slicing through the line … avoids a tackle … bounces off a Eagles defender … AND BROUGHT DOWN … a solid pick up of 26 yards … a new set of downs … as it’s 1st and 10 from the Philadelphia 13.. The Eagles have no answer for the powerful running game of Dallas.

Dallas scores again, this time its Walt Garrison from one yard out and the Cowboys are routing the Eagles 31 to 9. The 4th quarter was mostly Dallas just running the clock down to get this massacre over with as the Cowboys improve to 3-1.

Actual Score: Philadelphia 7 at Dallas 56
APBA Replay Score: Philadelphia 9 at Dallas 31

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